Web accessibility with Studio 24 and W3C

W3C is considered one of the most accessibility oriented websites on the plant, so we were delighted to speak to Studio 24, who recently updated W3C, to ask them about any accessibility learnings from the project. 

"We try to tackle accessibility quite early on in the project so we think about it from a design phase. While there was a proper audited part of the website we basically built the template as static HTML initially - it' the quickest way to get stuff into the browser and test it, and that was tested by the DAC (disability accessibility centre)." Simon from Studio 24 discusses the design process.

Simon continued, "Some parts of the site were tested by real people as well, which was quite valuable. The navigation was one example of something that we got people with accessibility needs to test."

Watch the full session below:

Learn more about accessibility testing and web accessibility.

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