Want to make the web a more secure and accessible place? Take this quick survey

The web is increasingly beset with issues concerning security and privacy. We're all being asked to jump through more and more challenging hoops to prove who we are online. If you have a disability and want to help make authentication more accessible, please take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

What is authentication?

In its simplest form, we're talking usernames and passwords - but many sites and services require additional steps to confirm who you are such as receiving an email or texted code, or by answering security questions or interpreting distorted images or sounds (the latter being more to confirm what you are rather than who - i.e. that you're a human rather than a robot). All of these extra steps can present significant challenges for people with a disability.

A researcher at Coventry University wants to help make authentication more accessible and approached AbilityNet for their input. This is such an essential aspect of everyone's online ability to fully engage in digital services that we'd like you to help.

Take the quick questionnaire

The way you can help is by taking a quick five-minute survey 'Accessible Authentication for users with Visual Impairments' to help us see where the stickiest spots are when it comes to authentication.

But it's not just for people with a vision impairment - what about other disabilities? Even though the title of the survey is aimed at those with a vision impairment this is one of those situations where the title of someone's submitted research paper is set in stone where, in reality, they broadened the scope to include all impairments - and you'll see that reflected in the questions within.

So please, whatever your disability, take a few minutes to tell us about all the things you find most challenging when it comes to authentication of all flavours - from futuristic Face ID to those ever-present oh-so-evil CAPTCHA images. We want to hear from you...

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