Want to learn about accessibility but have a limited budget?

Pot of coins and a small money noteFor small businesses and charities, lack of staff time, budget and knowledge can make it hard to know where to start with digital accessibility.

Don't worry, we have developed a training course to help approach accessibility in austerity, aimed at organisations of around 20 staff or fewer, that will teach you how to break barriers, not the bank: learn about achievable accessibility solutions for small organisations with limited resources and budgets.

When is the course running?

Join us on Wednesday 20 March 2024 from 13:00 to 14:30 GMT for Accessibility on a Shoestring: Accessibility for smaller organisations, a live session with one of our experienced digital accessibility experts.

Jess Cahill will outline the key aspects of digital accessibility including procurement, accessible content, usability testing, and finance and management.

Learn how to make the most impact with limited resources and pick up the basic principles of digital accessibility:


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Can't make it or are you interested in sharing accessibility knowledge with your whole team? If you would like to run this course with more than 8 staff in-house, then speak to our experts.

About your trainer

Jess Cahill, with graphic 'Accessibility on a Shoestring': Accessibility for Smaller OrganisationsYour course trainer Jess Cahill is an Accessibility & Usability Consultant with AbilityNet. Her professional background includes web product and project roles, content design and UX research, in both charity and private sectors, including in the disability field. 

Suitable for all levels of knowledge, in the session you'll learn about what to consider when making procurement decisions and choosing products, creating accessible content on your website, and making social media posts and documents.

You'll also find out how to test with real users, and how to manage and fund accessibility, as well as learning about free tools and resources available.

Who will benefit from this training?

Communications officers, website managers, digital officers and general managers in small organisations with responsibility for websites, social media, documents or internal policy will find the information valuable.

Get even better value with a 10 for 8 training bundle
Our 2024 training bundle offers you a great-value way to learn the latest best practices for creating accessible and inclusive products, services, and experiences.

Training brochure cover Accessibility and Workplace Inclusion Training Course Catalogue 2024 - three women on the cover smiling in a work settingDownload your training brochure

You can also download a training brochure to browse what other accessibility and inclusion courses are available, and share with your team. 

What previous attendees say about AbilityNet training courses

“Another excellent training session from AbilityNet. The training was incredibly informative and has given me a lot of practical knowledge that I now feel confident in applying to my work... The course included so much information and detailed examples, having the recording to refer to will be really useful. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who works with PDF content! [Five stars]” - Louise Rutledge, Digital Comms Officer at Samaritans

"As a national charity, it’s vital that we reach as many people as possible. AbilityNet’s training courses are clear, modern, understandable, and supports us in reaching our goal of becoming more accessible. It is obvious that AbilityNet is driven by passion and dedication to accessibility – and that is infectious." - Ellie Lundberg, Women’s Aid

Find out more about AbilityNet's affordable, high-quality range of online courses, bespoke training, and online learning tools to help you build your skills in accessibility and inclusive design.

Want to train a large group of staff? 
Explore AbilityNet's range of live training courses, designed to strengthen your skills in fostering inclusivity and accessibility while also advancing your professional growth.
We offer group training and eLearning options too. Have a chat with our experts for help with your project.

Further resources 

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