Thank you: a letter to AbilityNet's Volunteers

a thank you card sat on a wooden tableRandom Acts of Kindness Day is February 17, 2021. One of the suggested tasks is to write a letter to someone who has made a big impact on your life.

Here, Sarah Brain who manages our volunteers shares a letter thanking them. 

These 300+ volunteers make a difference to all of us at AbilityNet and, more importantly, impact the lives of thousands of individuals each year. 

See below for details of how we help individuals.

Dear AbilityNet Volunteers,

I am writing this letter to you on Random Acts of Kindness Day 2021, to say a heartfelt “thank you” to every single person who volunteers for AbilityNet. 

We have over 300 volunteers who provide support with technology to older and disabled people to help them use technology.

This service is FREE as part of our charitable or public benefit work and without you, we couldn’t do it.

During a time of Covid-19, you helped 3,541 individuals, delivering over 11,700 hours of free technology support.

This included people with mobility, hearing and speech, vision and colour, learning and memory impairments. It also included people with neurodiverse needs.

I know what you do is not only about technology. It empowers people to live better lives or as a volunteer said recently “I help people keep being ‘me’”. 

Your help means that the people we support feel more confident using technology, and to manage their daily lives better. Just one example is a client who said:

“Dave my local volunteer was an invaluable help. [I am] feeling a lot more confident now knowing that AbilityNet can lend support. Thank you so much.”

Our clients also feel less stressed and less isolated, more independent and better able to participate in new activities. 

These statistics capture some of the story but not the passion that you all bring every day. It’s a pleasure to work alongside all of you.

Thank you for doing all that you do.

Sarah Brain, Free Services Manager for AbilityNet

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