Tech volunteer helps couple say a final goodbye

A picture of Myles smiling. He wears glasses and a jumper.

AbilityNet volunteer Myles Piling will have his name on a Great Western Railway after helping a woman say a final goodbye to her husband who was in a care home. 

Myles is County Co-Ordinator for Wiltshire. He is one of our 300+ volunteers who offer support to older and disabled people to help them make the most of their tech.

During lockdown has helped his local church to offer online services for its congregation.  

It was a member of the congregation who nominated Myles for GWR’s Name on a Train.

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Tech support helped distanced couple say a final goodbye

Myles helped Sandra Marchant from Melksham say a final goodbye to her husband before he died in a care home by enabling her to use Skype.

“We were able to Skype the care home and I saw my husband just before he died,” Sandra told Radio Wiltshire. “That was wonderful. Myles has been amazing.  It sounds like such a simple thing teaching you how to use Skype, but it was life-changing, just seeing him,” added Sandra. 

Myles is delighted to have been recognised. “It is such a pleasant surprise and an honour,” he said.

Myles has asked that in addition to his name GWR put the name of Sandra’s husband, Richard Marchant, on the train and hey will feature together. 

“I am so pleased that Richard has his name on the train to as he was such a train buff,” said Myles. 

Myles was recognised as part of BBC Radio’s Make a Difference campaign

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