Tech support for carers: Carers Week 2021

Illustration shows a younger man holding the elbow of an older lady who is walking with a stickCarers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the invaluable work by carers. For Carers Week 2021, 7-13 June, the theme is “Make Caring Visible and Valued”.

We’re keen to embrace carers week and to recognise the work of carers.

Here we aim to raise the visibility of our FREE services, which provide tech help for older people and disabled people.

We believe our services can empower people through technology and, we hope, lighten the load for carers.

7 ways to discover how tech can help carers

Technology has a role to play in supporting older and disabled people and has one particularly during the lockdowns resulting from Covid-19.

Here are some ideas for how you can use technology to empower your loved ones. 

1. Reducing social isolation

Sadly, Covid-19 hit those who need care and their carers hard. Technology helped reduce some of the social isolation people felt as a result. Our blog on reducing social isolation includes many tips for keeping in touch with loved ones, including joining an online community.

You can also view a recording of our FREE webinar on “How to keep in touch with family and friends.” 

2. Creative ways to make a connection

Our recent webinar showcased creative approaches to making connections between people living with dementia and those who care for them. The webinar included information on the Tovertafel, which stimulates creative play in care home settings between people living with dementia and is also used in care settings for people with Learning Disabilities. 

We also heard how technology is helping people with dementia and their friends and relatives capture life stories and how Luminate is using technology to deliver access to creative activities in Scotland. 

Read our blog "Supporting people with dementia through technology innovations". 

3. Use technology to create a smarter home

Our recent FREE webinar explored how to use smart tech at home. Panellists explained “what is smart tech” and explored smart tech solutions, including smart speakers. We also looked at how to use the assistive technology included within the smart devices.

Watch the recording on YouTube.

4. Free factsheet: Technology for Seniors

Our FREE factsheet “Technology for Seniors” highlights devices designed specifically with older people in mind, including the KOMP – a one-button videoconferencing device – and the GrandPad, a Tablet for Seniors. We also have a Q&A on the KOMP and a Q&A about the GrandPad.  

5. Adapt devices to make them easier to use

Technology devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, have a variety of assistive technology built-in. Unlock the power of this assistive technology using My Computer My Way.

This FREE tool from AbilityNet, helps you adjust settings within multiple operating systems across a range of devices, including Apple Mac and iOS, Android devices, Windows and Chromebook. Search by impairment (visually impaired, for example) or by what you want to do (magnify on-screen text). 

6. Support for carers from AbilityNet

Caring responsibilities are hard work. Let us take some of the strain by referring a loved one to AbilityNet. Our network of over 300+ volunteers will help you and your loved ones adapt existing technology or suggest solutions that will help to empower individuals. 

Call our FREE helpline on 0800 048 7642 during UK office hours. 

7. Access our FREE factsheets

We have a range of FREE factsheets with information on assistive technology and for people living with specific impairments and conditions. For example, we have factsheets on "Keyboard and Mouse alternatives and adaptations”, “Parkinson’s and Computing”, and “Hearing loss and computing”. 

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