Save 10% on accessibility training this September

With schools and universities starting again this month, could you and your staff also go back to school to boost your accessibility skills? AbilityNet's goal is to create a digital world accessible to all, and one of the ways we try to do this is via our range of training courses.

So, during September 2021, we invite you to use the code BackToSchool10 when booking to save 10% on our upcoming accessibility training courses:

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PDF Accessibility, Accessible copywriting and Video Games Accessibility

AbilityNet is proud to offer affordable, high-quality online training courses to help you build skills in accessibility and inclusive design. 

Some of our popular courses including PDF Accessibility and How to deliver and sustain accessible digital learning (for HE and FE professionals) even have ticket bundle offers for just £99 per person, making it easier for you to skill up more of your team.

More courses coming up before the end of the year include:

  • How to produce accessible videos
  • Accessibility for developers - ARIA and the Accessibility Tree
  • Accessibility for developers - JavaScript and SPA Considerations
  • Accessibility testing in mobile apps
  • InDesign accessibility
  • Accessibility for designers

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Share Accessibility for HR courses with your HR team

Two professional women sitting in meeting

Does your HR team follow inclusion best practices? It's not just people who regularly edit or develop digital services and websites who need to think about digital accessibility. Your HR team or recruitment agency may need to adjust its processes to ensure they are following inclusive best practices.

To help with this, we're offering a 20% saving on our Accessibility for HR courses this September. Use code Workplace20 when booking:

How to develop accessible, inclusive recruitment: 22 September 2021

Harness the power of technology to support inclusive recruitment across your organisation

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How to develop accessible, inclusive onboarding: 29 September 2021

Learn how to apply technology to support inclusive onboarding 

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What our customers say
“Another excellent training session from AbilityNet. The training was incredibly informative and has given me a lot of practical knowledge that I now feel confident in applying to my work. I found the discussions on why PDFs aren’t always the best format really interesting and the knowledge of how to remediate accessibility issues is invaluable. The course included so much information and detailed examples, having the recording to refer to will be really useful. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who works with PDF content! [Five stars]”
- Louise Rutledge, Digital Comms Officer at Samaritans - attended our PDF Accessibility course
“I’ve found the sessions useful in bringing the range of accessibility issues to our attention, from website navigation to ensuring that images are meaningful to the visually impaired… I’d say that the training is essential for those responsible for the content of public websites.”

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