Robot Labrador Retriever helps people live independently

A big hit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the wonderfully named ‘Labrador Retriever’ robot is enabling people with physical difficulties lead more independent lives by helping out around the house.

Watch the short video below - it brings home how helpful a robot can be for assisting with those daily tasks that people with a range of physical impairments find so taxing – or even impossible.

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Developed by Canadian company Labrador Systems, such autonomous personal robots are certain to play an important role in the lives of people for whom physical tasks will always prove challenging.

“At Labrador, we believe assistive robots can make a massive difference in people’s lives, especially for individuals with chronic pain, injury or other health issues that impact their daily activities. That’s why we’re pioneering a new generation of robots, specifically designed to help people live more independently. Whether delivering meals, helping with the laundry or keeping critical items within reach, our goal is to lighten the load of daily activities to empower people to live life more on their terms.”

The future of robots around our homes

It’s almost inevitable that the number of robots in and around our homes will increase. We already have robot vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers, personal companions like Jibo that trundle around providing reassurance and support for the isolated or those with anxiety or a learning disability, and even fully autonomous drones that can chase away burglars when you’re out.

Even the humble smart speaker represents a powerful virtual assistant that is ever-present and willing to provide information, that all-important connection with friends and family, and even an easy and accessible way of operating your appliances and other smarthome devices if their switches, knobs and touchscreens are either out of reach or supremely challenging to operate.
Combining the smartspeaker interface with an amazing ability to physically fetch and carry for you around the home, the (I’ll say it again) wonderfully-named Labrador Retriever is a winning combination - and just one example of what must surely be many more smart and dextrous domestic helpmates to come.

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