Productivity boost for people with Learning Disabilities: Digital Lifeline

Image shows a young person from JennyRut working on a tablet donated through Digital LifelineAbilityNet is proud to be supporting Jennyruth workshops in its work, boosting confidence for people with learning disabilities by providing support with technology. 

Jennyruth workshops support adults with learning disabilities to create and sell handcrafted products.

People involved through Jennyruth make and sell everything from coasters to wooden bird boxes. 

AbilityNet supports the non-profit organisation through our involvement in Digital Lifeline, a government scheme providing people with learning disabilities access to tablets and the internet. 

“A lot of our adults don’t have internet access where they live. They don’t have any form of communication such as a tablet or a laptop,” said Anna Smith, publicity and media at Jennyruth workshops. 

“Often, they don't have a support at home or someone who either feels confident in or knows anything about the technology,” she added. 

Support from AbilityNet for people with learning disabilities

Image shows Action Blocks logo for Google Android and an example on a smartphone. Text reads "With one tap on your home screen, you can accomplish what you want to do."AbilityNet has provided assessments for 14 of the 15 people who have received tablets through their involvement with Jennyruth. 

Useful recommendations included a more robust cover for people with learning disabilities and other peripherals, notably mice and keyboards.

“For one lady who has a loss of vision, we’ve managed to get one of the big yellow keyboards. She absolutely loves it and can see the keys,” says Anna.

Another popular adaptation has been Action Blocks, an app that enables the creation of shortcuts for popular tasks. 

“It can take people to a Zoom session or a particular activity on the tablet,” says Anna. “For one lady, we have quick access to recipes. She looks at them and writes them down on a piece of paper,” she added. 

Jennyruth is one of many organisations we’re supporting through Digital Lifeline. 

How AbilityNet can Help