Meet some of AbilityNet's tech volunteers in our new film

Graphic: text reads Get Involved, 1-7 June Volunteers' Week, with faces of different people in floating circlesHappy Volunteers' Week!

Volunteers' Week runs from 1-7 June, and not only is it an ideal week to take the plunge and join AbilityNet as a tech volunteer, but it's also a great excuse to showcase and celebrate the tireless and valuable work of our network of 350+ amazing volunteers across the UK. 

Jordan Rosser, smiling outside a house, wearing AbilityNet lanyard"I've grown up with technology and sometimes you forget that there's people that haven't, especially the older generation. Something that might seem trivial to yourself can make a huge difference to somebody who's never used a computer. And it really does. You can see it in their eyes, when they've accomplished things themselves - that smile and that energy you get from them is really rewarding, and I absolutely love it." - Jordan Rosser, AbilityNet Tech Volunteer.

Watch our new film

We're delighted to share with you our new film highlighting the work of three AbilityNet tech volunteers from across the UK to provide an insight into their varied and rewarding roles. Meet Jo, Greg and Jordan.

Download the transcript of the video [Word doc].

Free webinar on the benefits of volunteering

Free webinar: How volunteering can help you or your organisation, Tuesday 6 June 1pm BST   Join Bethan Richmond from Capgemini and Joe Tunesi of AbilityNet.  Register today: Shows profile images of Joe and Bethan, and an icon of hands in the air, and Capgemini logo. During a recent free lunch and learn session 'How volunteering can benefit you or your organisation, with Capgemini' guests from Capgemini UK, and AbilityNet staff and volunteers shared information about the advantages of corporate volunteering for your organisation, your employees, and the people that volunteering supports.

The recording of the webinar, slides and transcript will be available on the webinar page soon.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR is a means for businesses to contribute to or engage in activities of a charitable or ethically oriented nature, that support the communities and environment in which they operate. It can simply be a day where employees can get out of their usual work environment and bond as a team whilst volunteering and giving back to their communities.

Visit our dedicated webpage on Corporate Social Responsibility to find out more and learn how to become a partner with AbilityNet. By supporting AbilityNet, you can help ensure disabled people aren't excluded from the digital world. 

Why should I become a volunteer for AbilityNet?

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Greg White standing smiling against a rock wall backgroundAs one of our tech volunteers featured in the new film, Greg White, says: "Volunteering at AbilityNet gives me the opportunity to build upon my experience and skills, which in turn enables people to live a healthy and productive life - it’s a truly rewarding and inspiring environment.”  

Why not join AbilityNet's community of more than 350 volunteers, and help support older people and disabled people with their technology? 

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