Make Alexa part of an amazingly accessible 2021

Towards the end of last year, Amazon launched its new Alexa Accessibility Hub that’s packed with information and video how-tos on all the amazing accessibility features found in the family of Alexa products. 

The accessibility features across the whole family of Echo products are helping people be more connected, entertained and independent. 

Alexa/laptop displaying weather forecast

Did you know that someone who is deaf or someone who has no speech can still fully operate Alexa? Similarly, someone with no vision (like myself) can comprehensively use an Echo with a screen.

Subtitles on videos, for example, may not only help those with hearing difficulties, but anyone who’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen. You get the picture. So if you have an Echo of any kind yourself, know of someone who does (or is thinking about taking the plunge), I’d strongly encourage you to check out some of the features found in the below sections – regardless of whether you have a disability or not. 

A man and a woman communicating using sign language

Hearing - Communicate and stay connected with Alexa.

Mobility - Voice control can help unlock more ways to get things done.

Speech - Get help from Alexa without using speech.

Vision - Find new ways to get the information you need.

Useful links and info about Alexa

At AbilityNet, we’ve also been very busy outlining the empowering potential of Alexa and the family of Echo products in which she resides. 

Here’s a round-up of podcasts to download, webinars to revisit and articles to peruse – all about Alexa and how she’s changing lives for the better… 


  • Dot to Dot – the daily 5 minute Alexa skill demo show
  • The Echo Show – a weekly look at all things Alexa
  • Tech Talk – an RNIB podcast (featuring AbilityNet’s Robin Christopherson) and often covering Amazon product accessibility

AbilityNet webinar

AbilityNet articles

Alexa Smart Skills list

(Pictures courtesy of Amazon UK)

How AbilityNet can help

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