Learn from disabled people about how you should adjust your working practices

Many employers want support disabled people in their workplace but don't know where to start. They may not know who to ask, or what to provide. And many people are scared to ask as they worry they'll say the wrong thing.

Don't Disable Me is AbilityNet's series of training courses that introduce people with a disability who explain their experience of trying to be productive in the workplace. It's a great way to hear from people with personal experience, and to ask them the questions you never knew how to ask.

Listen to the lived experience of disabled people 

"The best online training session I have attended. Thanks for such a great session - lots of tips to take away. It was great to hear Adi's perspective as an assistive technology user."

That's the feedback from an attendee of one of our training sessions designed to highlight the barriers that disabled people experience.

Adi Latif on mobile phone

A focus on disability inclusion in the workplace is a strategic imperative from a moral, legal and commercial standpoint. AbilityNet's 'Don't Disable Me' series offers a deep dive into the experiences of people of living with different disabilities and impairments.

The sessions focus on visual impairment, hearing loss, physical disabilities, mental health and neurodiversity barriers. By talking to the course leaders you will learn more about their needs and start to identify the best way to build a workplace that is inclusive by design, using technology to enable all employees to perform at their best.

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'Don't Disable Me' courses 

Led by individuals with lived experience of disabilities, and AbilityNet’s workplace inclusion experts, in the courses you'll learn about the common barriers that people encounter at work, in study and in day-to-day life.

You'll also find out more about the kinds of assistive technologies and tools that people use to overcome these barriers and the steps that everyone can take to avoid creating barriers in the first place. 

The courses are interactive and practical. They include real-life stories to help articulate how employing the social model of disability at your workplace or education institution can lead to a working or learning environment that embraces and welcomes everyone and is inclusive by design. 

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AbilityNet provides a range of free services to help disabled people and older people. If you can afford it, please donate to help us support older and disabled people through technology