The language of diversity and inclusion: definitions

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic and one that is racing up the corporate agenda. But what does it mean?  And how does it relate to digital accessibility? 

This article explores key terms you may come across and signposts you to some further resources you may find helpful.

What is diversity?

image shows a close up of a page from a dictionary with a close up on the word "diversity"Diversity refers to the practice of including and involving people from a full range of different social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including different genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, religions and more. Diverse workforces can give businesses a competitive edge as we explore in our feature on how to drive diversity and inclusion.

Importantly, diversity is not the same as inclusion.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is the process of creating an environment in which individuals or members of groups feel welcomed, heard, respected, supported, valued and able to reach their full potential.

Read how big brands are driving cultural change to create inclusive cultures. The article is part of TSP365 and draws on sessions from TechShare Pro, our annual event for the accessibility community.

What is intersectionality?

The intertwining of different attributes or social identities, such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and disability, creates new challenges or opportunities regarding diversity and inclusion.

What is neurodiversity?

The recognition that humans are not all the same and don’t all think in the same way, but that neurological differences such as autism are a normal variation of the human experience that can bring positive and desirable character traits and specific challenges. 

What is unconscious bias?

An implicit association or judgement based on inaccurate or incomplete information, including any personal context we might bring to a situation.

How AbilityNet can help

AbilityNet has a number of resources, which may help you with regards to driving your diversity and inclusion agenda.

Useful resources for diversity and inclusion

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