IAAP launches exclusive event for UK and India Chapter members

International Association of Accessibility Professional (IAAP), AbilityNet and BarrierBreak launched their first ‘Network & Learn’ event especially for UK and India Chapter IAAP members.

The virtual events take place throughout the year as a networking session where members can share accessibility tips and expertise, but also help to build and strengthen the IAAP community for accessibility professionals.

They're great sessions for members to learn from other accessibility industry leaders, and is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with other professionals in the accessibility space.

What is IAAP?

The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation for individuals and organisations that are focused on accessibility or are in the process of building their accessibility skills and strategies.

The main aim of IAAP is to help accessibility professionals develop and advance their careers and to support organisations integrate accessibility into their services, products and infrastructure. 

Why you should join IAAP

Learn from Adi Latif, one of AbilityNet's accessibility consultants and IAAP members, who shares the importance of accessibility and why digital professionals should join IAAP

Boost your accessibility expertise
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