How to secure a budget for digital accessibility

As a digital professional, you know the benefits that come from an accessible website or app. Greater reach with customers, innovation, enhancing your brand reputation, better search performance and more. 

However, sometimes you need to win the business case internally and to convince your CEO, CFO or other colleagues of the return on investment that digital accessibility brings. 


Based on AbilityNet's 20+ years of experience in digital accessibility and building a digital world accessible to all, we've provided you with a simple PowerPoint Presentation designed to help win the business case for accessibility. 

More information on building a business case for accessibility

The PowerPoint includes a range of statistics from reputable sources and extracts from our FREE webinar on the Business Case for Accessibility.

Our FREE PowerPoint is informed by leading industry experts, including Accenture, Google and others. 

You'll find more assets, including an infographic, a downloadable report and 10 tips on building a business case on our Business Case page.

“We now have a far better awareness of the particular challenges disabled people face when using the internet and, due to AbilityNet’s support and expertise, a much greater knowledge of how best to address these.” 
David Barrett, BT's Inclusion and Accessibility Manager

How AbilityNet can help

AbilityNet has 20 years of expertise delivering accessible websites and apps for leading international and UK brands