How to run accessible online meetings - FREE webinar

With a sudden rise in the use of online meetings such as Zoom and Teams there are lots of top tips about hosting such meetings, from dealing with small children creeping about in the background to making sure you turn off the camera when taking a comfort break.

What is more difficult to find are top tips to ensure that disabled people studying or working from home can participate in meetings and be productive as their colleagues.

This free webinar will explain the key things to think about to ensure that disabled people can access and participate in online meetings and study. It will cover the basics for any accessible online meeting, as well as specific tips for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

  • It will be of interest to anyone who hosts meetings in a business, charity or university setting.
  • It will feature automatic live captions.
  • It will be recorded and shared with anyone who registers.

Panelists include:

  • Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet
  • Adam Tweed, AbilityNet
  • Ghizzie Dunlop, UWE
  • Michael Vermeesch, Microsoft
  • Alistair McNaught, McNaught Consulting

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