How a Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship Scheme can benefit your organisation

“Apprenticeships not only provide the opportunity for someone to enter the field but they also provide the opportunity to either re skill or certify somebody in a sector such as accessibility.” Mark Wilcock from Atos shares details on how to implement a Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship scheme within your organisation.

Shilpi Kapoor, Samantha Evans, Mark Wilcock and Neil Eustice speak at the IAAP Network and Learn event

Mark then delved into detail about apprenticeships and the business value including attracting great candidates, raising staff morale, and reducing staff turnover and some of the many more reasons apprenticeships can positively affect an organisation. The Accessibility Apprenticeship Standard combines online tutoring, classroom tutoring, and on-the-job experiences to develop advanced skills in accessibility on a variety of topics, with the aim to create a county wide talent pool.

Mark commented, “It’s really difficult to recruit experienced talent in the accessibility sphere in the UK, there’s a lot of opportunities but not enough experienced practitioners. So this is really an opportunity to expand the talent pool, not just for ourselves at Atos but also for the whole industry in general.”

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