How British Heart Foundation champions diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront of an organisation's employment and internal strategy, and charities are no different. Get tips from one of the biggest UK charities, British Heart Foundation (BHF), in our upcoming webinar on 10 August, 1pm BST.

Robin Christopherson and Ursula Dolton

British Heart Foundation's first ever Chief Technology Officer, Ursula Dolton (pictured above right, with Robin Christopherson, left), is responsible for delivering BHF’s technology strategy in support of its charitable objectives. She joins AbilityNet for our next free session in our Accessibility Insights webinar series.


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In this session, Ursula will share how to hone in on digital services for external customers and donors, drawing on her experiences in technology leadership positions at Cadbury, Citi Group and Jaguar Land Rover, plus the university sector. 

Ursula will join Robin Christopherson MBE, AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion, who hosts the monthly online chat with individuals who are each working to improve digital accessibility and digital inclusion. They will also delve further into how collaboration across teams helps to drive customer experiences, and how the role of a tech leader has changed during the pandemic.


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