How to boost profits through corporate social responsibiltiy

During the pandemic, Corporate Social Responsibility has zoomed up company agendas faster than a well-known video conferencing software has acquired users.

As a charity AbilityNet is keen to work with companies to help raise awareness of our mission to achieve a Digital World Accessible to all, which has never been more important at a time when technology is connecting people at home, at work and in education.  

We're always keen to work in partnership with companies who share our passion for connecting people through tech, and there are a number of ways for us to work together. 

Opportunities for employees: AbilityNet’s CSR scheme

A really popular way to connect with your CS programme is to encourage your employees to join our network of over 300+ volunteers who help older and disabled people make the best use of their tech and adapt it to their needs.

We’re always looking for people with patience and enthusiasm for sharing their skills with others, and to help us spread the word about our services in their communities. 

In return, we have a dedicated team that support our volunteers with training and support. There’s a chance for a fortnightly Meetup with other volunteers, for training and a chat. 

This is a great way to give your employees a highly valuable volunteering experience. We monitor our volunteers' satisfaction through a regular Peakon survey, and in June we scored 9 out of 10 for overall satisfaction. 

As one volunteer said: “AbilityNet allows me to learn and solve tech problems while being a full-time masters student, a dad and a husband, I cannot think of a more productive way to spend my free time volunteering in any other place. I can build my tech skills to help others while maintaining a hectic life."


Helping us to help others: AbilityNet and CSR opportunities

There are various ways you can help us, help others through tech. Give what you can to help keep our FREE helpline going, or set a target and raise funds for something specific.

Box: Call our FREE Helpline on 0800 048 7642 

Reaching the people who need us most isn’t easy as they tend to be the older and more vulnerable, many of whom are not online. We know they would like our help. 

That's why some of our partners help us by raising money around targeted marketing campaigns, such as local radio campaigns, leaflets and social media; we know these are good ways to raise awareness of the FREE support we offer.

Supporting our volunteers

You could sponsor an online webinar or a training session for our volunteers, or why not help us thank our amazing volunteers. They are the heart of the charity and at regular intervals, we like to say a formal “thank you” through a small gift or reward. This gift can be joint branded and redeemed through your organisation if appropriate. 

How AbilityNet can help

AbilityNet provides a range of free services to help disabled people and older people.

  • Call our free Helpline. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will discuss any kind of computer problem and do their best to come up with a solution. We’re open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm on 0800 269 545
  • We have a range of factsheets that talk in detail about technology that might help you, which you can download for free. You may find our factsheets about voice recognition and keyboard alternatives useful.
  • My Computer My Way. A free interactive guide to all the accessibility features built into current desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.