Highlights of our first 50 accessibility podcasts

Today we release the 50th episode of our TechShare Procast - AbilityNet's podcast that launched in November 2019 at our TechShare Pro event. The podcasts include interviews with a huge range of people from the global accessibility community.

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Our 50th episode features the audio version of today's free Accessibility Insights webinar with Ursula Dolton of British Heart Foundation.

Listen to the 50th episode of the TechShare Procast:

In the session, Ursula chatted with Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, as part of his monthly Accessibility Insights series of discussions with individuals who are each working to improve digital accessibility and digital inclusion. We're looking forward to welcoming even more key figures working to improve accessibility as the series continues. You can access the podcast and captioned webinar recordings of all the sessions in the Accessibility Insights series.

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Catch up with podcast highlights

Robin Christopherson on webinar with Christopher Patnoe of Google

In the first 50 episodes, AbilityNet’s flagship podcast has provided in-depth interviews, presentations and panel sessions from leading accessibility experts from around the world. With 50 episodes to choose from it's tricky to select from them all, but particular highlights include:

Accessibility Insights interviews:

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Panel sessions and TechShare Pro discussions:

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Come along to Europe's largest accessibility and inclusion gathering: TechShare Pro 

Many of the amazing discussions brought to you on the TechShare Procast are sessions from Europe’s biggest technology and digital inclusion event; TechShare Pro.

TechShare Pro brings together digital accessibility and inclusion specialists from Europe, the US and beyond to connect and learn from each other. In the fast-moving world of digital technology, our annual conference is a chance to keep track of the big changes in the world of accessibility and inclusion, to hear from leading experts, and to encourage and nurture valuable connections and relationships to help make a more inclusive world.

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Sessions will also be included in our podcast for everyone in early 2022.

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