The future of voice-first healthcare – in one handy, expert book

Meeting the experts in voice-first tech

Today (10 March) at an international healthcare conference* in Orlando, Florida a ground-breaking new book is being launched on how voice-first technology - like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant - can be leveraged to revolutionise healthcare delivery and the lives of people with disabilities. 

Guest authors, all experts in this field, were each asked to contributeFront cover of Voice Technology in Healthcare book a chapter to this landmark publication that explores the intersection of Voice and Healthcare.

In my capacity as long-time Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet and podcast host of the Echo skills demo show; Dot to Dot, I was invited to write a chapter examining the rich area of voice-first tech and disability.

The lead authors of the book are Harry Pappas, Dr David Metcalf, Dr Sandhya Pruthi and Dr Teri Fisher. Along with guest chapter authors, they review information from the top thought-leaders in this space, examine real-world case studies of the outcomes and explore the future of voice technology in healthcare.

“Our ability to communicate through the spoken word and the relationship to technology and healthcare, is the basis for this entire book.”  Dr Teri Fisher

About the book

The healthcare industry is on the cutting edge of voice-user interface (VUI) design and making great progress to improve patient care through developing technologies, literally transforming the voice of the industry. The advantages of VUI extend far beyond simple conveniences for patients or a healthcare employee’s saved phone call. VUI has a profound impact on care improvement. Just like a person, a well-designed VUI can use tone of voice, inflection and other elements in conversation to shape behaviors or calm nerves. With VUI, physicians and patients become empowered to make informed decisions about healthcare.

The use of voice technology across smart speakers, IoT, clinical and home devices and wearables for improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes was recently identified as one of the most significant emerging technologies in healthcare. Smart speakers are the #1 selling consumer item in the world and competition is increasing between Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Google Voice Assistant, and a host of other specialty platforms specific to healthcare. Voice technology is not just pervasive in smart speakers and smart phones – it is finding its way into wearables, vehicles, homes, and even consumer and clinical medical devices. We even have smart jewellery emerging with health, wellness, and safety features built in. Best of all, this trend spans intergenerational health and wellness that goes beyond clinical care into long term health and wellbeing and the potential for increased patient engagement.

In this book, the authors review information from the top thought-leaders in this space and examine real-world case studies of the outcomes and potential of voice technology in healthcare.

Topics include; clinical and home health use cases, next generation fitness facilities, voice and wearables in smart, connected communities, voice technology in social companions/robotics, voice
technology in future surgical suites, and the future of voice technology and artificial intelligence.

About the conference*

This year held in Orlando, Florida, the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition brings nearly 45,000 health information and technology professionals, clinicians and executives from over 90 countries around the world, together with over 1,300 exhibiters and market suppliers. 

It’s really not hyperbole to say that exceptional education, world-class speakers, cutting-edge products and powerful networking are hallmarks of this truly industry-leading conference.

Buy the book

You can buy the book in print from Amazon UK, as well as in print and Kindle editions from the US and Canada stores. 

* Conference update

Due to the on-going risks associated with Coronavirus, the physical conference has been cancelled and moved online.

I will now be one of the guest speakers during the online event, outlining the themes of my chapter and taking questions. You can register at

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