Free webinar: Is your accessibility statement ready yet?

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With two months to go until the upcoming Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations deadline (September 23), is your accessibility statement compliant?

If the answer is no, join our free AbilityNet Live! webinar taking place on Thursday 23 July 2020, 1pm BST as part of our countdown to the deadline: HE/Public Sector Update: Is your Accessibility Statement ready yet? 

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On our webinar, get the information you need to make changes in time to meet the deadline:

  • Senior Accessibility Consultant at AbilityNet, James Baverstock, will discuss the key things your higher education and further education (HE/FE) accessibility statement needs to contain. 
  • Alistair McNaught of McNaught Consulting will outline what HE and FE sectors should consider beyond their main website's accessibility statement - including virtual learning environments (VLEs) and library resources.
  • George Rhodes will share his research into the prevalence and effectiveness of accessibility statements in the UK, and highlight good accessibility statement examples.
  • Nick Jarvis-Smith will share how George's research has expanded to focus on many essential services including supermarkets, transport companies and utility services.

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