Free Webinar: What to include on your ‘Accessibility Help’ web page

Please note: the date for this webinar has passed - access the webinar recording, transcript and slide deck for the presentation from the free expert resources section of our website.

  • 1pm, Thursday 27 June
  • Delivered by Adi Latif and Katherine Talbot, Accessibility Consultants at AbilityNet
  • Ideal for companies, charities, public sector bodies and anyone interested in making their website more accessible.

Many organisations don’t know that they are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments so that their websites are more inclusive to disabled people. And, those who are working on improving their accessibility don’t always communicate their work to site visitors or let them know how to make the most of accessibility features.

On the webinar we will offer advice and best practice on creating your ‘Accessibility Help’ page, showcasing some of the best examples of companies and public sector organisations doing this well. This page is an important feature of any website and acts as an easy way for disabled people to know how use your site. 

What are some of the points your Accessibility Help page might include?

  1. How to navigate the site using assistive technology such as a screenreader
  2. How to change colour contrast or text size
  3. Any accessibility issues you are still working on
  4. Methods by which customers can feedback on accessibility issues they experience on your site

Want to see an example of an Accessibility Help page? Check out AbilityNet's page here.

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