Free Webinar: How to make remote and hybrid work accessible for every employee

Two women are drawn sitting back to back. One woman is depicted as working in an office and the other woman is depicted as working from home.Remote and hybrid work models have become the new norm for countless organisations. While these flexible work arrangements offer undeniable benefits, they also present unique challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring accessibility for every employee. 

Our free webinar took place on Tuesday 25 July at 1pm BST, on How to make remote and hybrid work accessible for every employee.

Michael Vermeersch from Microsoft, Angela Matthews from Business Disability Forum, and Adam Tweed from AbilityNet explored strategies, best practices, and practical solutions to ensure that disabled employees can thrive in a hybrid and remote work environment. 

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Meet our expert panellists

Michael Vermeersch, Accessibility Go to Market Manager at Microsoft

Profile images of Michael Vermeersch, Angela Matthews and Adam Tweed. Text: Free Webinar! How to make remote and hybrid work accessible for every employee. Michael Vermeersch, Angela Matthews, Adam Tweed.Micahel focus is landing Microsoft’s commitment to bridge the “Disability Divide”. Company-wide, alongside customers, partners, and communities. Using his creative neuro-diverse thinking and passion for inclusion, Michael created Microsoft’s Digital Inclusion offering, to empower inclusive organisations gain greater business advantage.

Michael also chairs Microsoft’s UK Disability Employee Resource Group and was invited to 10 Downing Street to present his views on bringing disabled talent into work.

Angela Matthews, Head of Policy and Research at Business Disability Forum

Angela is now Head of Policy and Research. She is an adviser to and research partner on several academic research projects related to work, health, and disability. She delivers BDF’s responses to public policy consultations and leads research engagement with disabled employees in BDF’s member organisations.

Angela’s current research projects at BDF include language and culture change in disability workforce reporting methodologies, workplace adjustments, and interventions for better transitions between higher education and employment.

Adam Tweed, Senior Workplace and Education Consultant at AbilityNet

Adam is AbilityNet's Senior Workplace and Education Consultant. With a BA in Film Studies, a BSc in Psychology and a career in IT in both the commercial and education sectors, Adam is a self-described jack-of-all-trades.

The move to AbilityNet, initially as a DSA and Workplace Needs Assessor, combined both his passion for people and for technology and the intersection of the two. He is a lover of all things tech and the idea of technology as an experience; a seamless enhancement to ways of living and working that enables convenience, independence and a better quality of life.

Is your current ways of working inclusive? 

Our expert workplace consultants can help you to gauge your organisation’s current cultural state and work with you to prioritise which improvements will have the greatest immediate impact which will form the roadmap for your ongoing disability inclusion journey. 

We can help you look at your 'ways of working', which can include the hybrid working model your organisation has set in place. Get started on your journey today by booking a free 15-minute consultation. 

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