FREE WEBINAR: Accessibility Maturity Model for Higher and Further Education

Join us on Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 11am (BST) to learn about the Accessibility Maturity Model for Higher and Further Education.

In our free webinar, we'll outline how to use the AbilityNet and McNaught Consultancy Accesibility Maturity Model for Higher and Further Education. Developed based on Alistair McNaught's existing model, this new model can be very useful for kickstarting work towards the accessibility regulations and also in engaging senior stakeholders in driving the cultural change that needs to accompany practical ‘to do’ lists for meeting accessibility regulations.

On the webinar, Helen Wickes of AbilityNet will provide an update on the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations, and Ben Watson from the University of Kent will join us to describe the very successful OPERA project at his institution, the principles of which were based on our model's approach. 

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About our HE and FE Accessibility Maturity Model

Why do we need an accessibility maturity model? Very simply, a maturity model helps make accessibility visible to your entire organisation.

Every institution will have people who are passionate about accessible practices, but in some organisations it may be a librarian, and in another it could be the IT manager, or the head of e-learning. Maybe it will be the head of department whose own child has a disability. The issue is that the accessibility good practices in one part of the organisation can be undermined by lack of accessibility awareness in another.

So, the maturity model provides a framework, or big picture, that helps an organisation see where their own gaps are. This helps you with determining priorities and strategies.

Learn how to use the maturity model: Register for our webinar.

NB - Those that register for the webinar will receive a recording, even if unable to attend live.

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