Free webinar: Accessibility Anti-Patterns with AbilityNet

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Dafydd Henke-Reed, Principal Accessibility and Usability Consultant with AbilityNet will be speaking about Accessibility Anti-Patterns on a free webinar that will take place on Tuesday 18 August 2020, 1pm BST.

What are anti-patterns?

Anti-patterns are effectively any commonly reinvented but bad solution to a problem.

Wikipedia describes an anti-pattern as "a common response to a recurring problem that is usually ineffective and risks being highly counterproductive."

So, when developing for the web, even with the best intentions, digital accessibility can become a vortex of inelegant code, functionality that does not degrade gracefully, and localisation nightmares.

Dafydd's talk will discuss what happens when accessibility goes wrong. It will "provide war-stories covering immense and monstrous websites, and they got stuck in digital swamps."

Attendees will gain an understanding about how to promote productive accessibility, as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls.

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