Free training: How to avoid the 12 Scams of Christmas

Could you, or someone in your community benefit from understanding more about the online world, and how to avoid the scams that run rife within it?

Group of older people in a community hall setting, smilingOver the festive period scammers are known to target vulnerable online groups, but by understanding the tricks and tactics used by fraudsters, you'll be able to stay safer online.

Come along and join Hollie Bowker from Greater Manchester Police and the team from AbilityNet charity for a valuable training session that's completely free, on Tuesday 12 December 2023, 1pm GMT.

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All those who register for the session will receive the recording after the session is broadcast, so do sign up to benefit from the information, even if you can't make it on the day.

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Two older gentlemen looking at laptops in learning setting with younger woman pointing at screenIn this free webinar, expert AbilityNet advisers Alex Barker and Lucy Walsh will highlight the 12 common scams to be aware of, and look at where information comes from – can we trust it? How do we report a scam? Learn lots of practical tips.

Sign up for yourself or even better, bring along a community group to learn together and share the advice:

If you work in an organisation with clients who could benefit from learning about online scams, please do share this session and encourage them to sign up or show them how the Zoom webinar process works. It's also a great session for organisations who provide digital inclusion support to service users. 

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AbilityNet in partnership with BT Group logoThis webinar is part of AbilityNet's Digital Skills project with BT Group to support people 65+ with getting online and using technology - sign up for Free BT Digital Skills sessions for people over 65 in your area.

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