Free Lenovo devices with ConnectingU scheme

ConnectingU with Lenovo and AbilityNet logosAbilityNet is delighted to announce a new digital device scheme in partnership with Lenovo, called ConnectingU.

Thanks to the team at Lenovo and its digital equity programme, we are launching ConnectingU, which will see 300 digital devices (Lenovo 500e Chromebook 2nd Gen and SIM-enabled Lenovo Tablet M10) and support made available to anyone struggling to access any digital service - from banking to accessing official government services online. Recipients must be UK-based and over the age of 50, or UK-based disabled people over 18 years of age. 

What is the ConnectingU scheme about?

Older and disabled people are disproportionately excluded from the digital world. The ConnectingU project aims to break down the digital divide by providing devices, and - just as importantly - skills, to empower individuals to use the devices independently in the future.

All recipients of the devices will be eligible for free training and advice through AbilityNet's free Tech Support services including a freephone helpline, online resources and Tech volunteer support. 

Woman looking at computer with elderly man

Our amazing team of volunteers are disclosure checked and can help with all sorts of information technology challenges, from setting up the device to fixing technical issues, showing users how to stay connected to family and staying safe online. We also offer specialist disability advice and support to break down any barriers individuals may encounter due to a disability or impairment.

The devices will also include a SIM card with pre-loaded data, unlimited minutes and texts for 6 months. This bundle is thanks to our friends at the Good Things Foundation via the National Databank Scheme.*

Eligibility criteria information for the Lenovo devices

Organisations and charities are invited to apply for devices on behalf of the individuals they support. Please note: Individuals are not able to apply on their own behalf.

The eligibility criteria for a device are as follows:

  1. Recipients must be over the age of 50 and be digitally excluded - to be digitally excluded means they do not have a suitable digital device.


  1. Recipients must be over 18 with a disability of any kind - and also not currently have a suitable digital device

AbilityNet will accept declarations of interest from organisations from Wednesday 27th April. These can be submitted through our online application process (see button below). The deadline for applications is Monday 9 May at 5pm.

Organisations will be notified if their application has been successful by Tuesday 17 May.

Successful organisations must attend an introductory onboarding webinar.

All enquiries to Chris Grant via email

How to apply

Download a document with full details of the project, eligibility criteria and timings.

The deadline for applications has now closed. 

*A mobile phone or MiFi device will need to be provided by the individual receiving the device or the community organisation applying. Not all devices are not SIM enabled. They would need to be connected to the WiFi or to a MiFi device.

Comments on the partnership

Gary Moore CEO of AbilityNet said of ConnectingU:

“AbilityNet is delighted to be partnering with Lenovo in this device initiative. We know from our experience with the Digital Lifeline project in 2021 that many people who should be benefiting from digital services are unable to do so through lack of device access. We also know that most people, with or without disability, need some expert support to become comfortable with a new device and to get it adapted to their needs. We’re looking forward to seeing the impact which this programme can bring.”

Chris Grant, Community Relationship Officer at AbilityNet commented on how this will make such a difference to people who are digitally excluded: "It is such an amazing donation from Lenovo, and we are really excited about this. The Digital Lifeline project last year made a significant impact and again with this new donation received it will continue to impact people who are digitally excluded. We would also like to thank United Way for its support."

Please use the #ConnectingU hashtag when sharing on social media.

Further resources

AbilityNet provides a range of free services to help disabled people and older people. If you can afford it, please donate to help us support older and disabled people through technology