Five apps that help with exam prep and reduce stress

Whether you're studying for GCSEs, A-Levels or a degree it's that time of year where revision and exam stress hits a peak. We all have our own ways of managing the pressure but don’t forget that small changes to your tech can make you feel more organised and help reduce stress – which is brilliant news for your health and your results. These five apps will help you take control.

student doing exam prep on laptop

1. Stop, Breathe & Think

A friendly app to guide people through meditations for mindfulness & compassion. Check in with how you’re feeling and try short activities tuned to your emotions, help improve sleep and your productivity.

2. Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a time management application, based on the brilliant ‘Pomodoro technique’, a method that boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices, separated by short breaks. Great for keeping your mind focused on your tasks and not on the latest Instagram stories.

3. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote seems to have you covered whatever way you shape your thoughts - you can type, write or draw. Search and take clips from internet research and save your picture ideas. It's easy to pull up all your content from anywhere, even if you're offline, you can start on your laptop then update notes on your phone, this handy application works on most platforms.

4. My Fitness Pal

It can be very valuable to exercise during the exam period but it is also crucial to make sure that you’re fuelling your body with the right foods. My fitness pal counts calories and learn more about how you can get all of the nutrients you need for a complete and balanced diet. Fruit, vegetables and drinking plenty of water can make huge improvements to our concentration.

5. Noisli

Noisli is designed to help you block out frustrating background noise, help get yourself in the zone and reduce stress. This nifty little piece of tech lets you mix different sounds to create your perfect study environment. 

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