Deaf film student, James, reveals the keys to his communication

James Blake is a film student at City College Brighton. James is deaf. He features here in part three of the Me, Myself & IT series made by City College students in collaboration with AbilityNet. In the series, students talk to disabled peers about the ways they communicate and make the most of tech at college and in their free time. From retro gaming, to Google Keep. the series features tech hacks and solutions for students and beyond. 

The ways I love to communicate:

"I can't hear anything at all, so I use Skype or Facetime to contact other people who can do sign language, so we can chat. At college I have a student support worker who translates any instructions and so on from my tutor.  Subtitles really help me understand what's being said on TV and 'm always texting and emailing. A lot of people would perhaps mime what they want to say, but I prefer to talk to people via email and text." 

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