The blind snowboarder: How accessibility transforms lives #GAAD

GAAD logoThursday, 16 May 2019 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and AbilityNet accessibility consultant Adi Latif will be talking at Microsoft Campus in Reading about how accessible tech has transformed his life. AbilityNet is proud to have been involved in GAAD since the very beginning, recognising its value as an opportunity to loudly champion accessibility and get people thinking about how tech can help transform the lives of disabled people.

Ten years ago Adi could only imagine some of the things he does today, but accessible tech has transformed his everyday experiences like hailing a taxi, writing reports, connecting with people on social media. 

  • Reading newspapers with a screenreader
  • Identifying friends and family by taking a picture of them on his phone and having them described through AI
  • Running webinars and online meetings using Zoom

And as if that wasn't enough... how about being guided down a mountain while on a snowboard by making a Facetime call to a person snowboarding behind him!?

Adi was the world's first blind pro snowboarder and has even jumped out of a helicopter at the top of a mountain. Check out the video evidence above - or view it on YouTube if you prefer.

Accessible tech transforms lives

Adi is just one of the millions of disabled people whose lives have been transformed by accessible tech - it brings independence, productivity and FUN.

Make sure you're using #GAAD2019 to celebrate digital accessibility and sharing the stories that inspire all of us to learn more...

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