Bitesize Basics digital skills videos for seniors

AbilityNet, in partnership with BT Group logoWould you, or someone you know, like to know more about how the online world enhance your life? A fresh range of short instructional videos aimed at boosting digital skills among older people will help.

AbilityNet and telecommunications company BT Group are working in partnership to help improve the digital skills of older and digitally excluded people across the UK. 

As part of this project we are sharing simple digital tips in a new range of 'Bitesize Basics' videos, specifically designed to share step by step, straightforward digital advice with people over 65.

Topics covered in the Bitesize Basics videos

  1. Staying Safer Online 
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a Nutshell 
  3. Introduction to the Internet 
  4. How to shop online 
  5. Emergency Contacts 
  6. Introduction to video calling
  7. How to use RingGo parking app
  8. Understanding QR codes

More videos will be added to the series soon, and you can view them all on the playlist on AbilityNet's YouTube channel.

Learn at your leisure

AbilityNet staff and volunteers have already been sharing their skills across the UK at a series of in-person workshops, but the videos enable the learning to expand beyond the towns covered in the project.

Rob Mclean smiling outside"We understand that not everyone can attend a workshop, so these easy to watch up to 10-minute formats offer a great way to watch and practice digital skills at your pace in the comfort of your own home or with friends in a group," says Rob McLean, Digital Inclusion Programme Officer at AbilityNet.

"Older people often face unique challenges when navigating the digital world, from learning new technologies to understanding internet safety. The short duration of these videos reflect a more relaxed learning pace, making digital education less daunting and more accessible," Rob advises.

Free webinar: How to get help with your digital devices

In this free webinar, expert speakers from AbilityNet and BT Group highlight how we can help with your tech queries and provide 121 support.


Watch the AI in a Nutshell video:

Some of the feedback from older people who have benefited from boosting digital skills:

"At 93 your service was and is of great help to me and my generation. My thanks and keep the good work going"
"I was so impressed with the trainer, who listened and really helped a lot"
"I am happy with the trainer he's very explanatory and calm, willing to teach"
"Fun way of learning essential functions"


Access the video transcripts

  1. Download the transcript for Staying Safer Online video [Word]
  2. Download the transcript for AI in a Nutshell video [Word]
  3. Download the transcript for Introduction to the Internet video [Word]
  4. Download the transcript for How to shop online [Word]
  5. Download the transcript for Emergency Contacts video [Word]
  6. Download the transcript for Introduction to video calling [Word]
  7. Download the transcript for How to use the RingGo app [Word]
  8. Download the transcript for Understanding QR codes [Word]

Bitesize Basics: How to shop online. Graphic of a hand holding mobile phone and AbilityNet and BT Group logosEach video focuses on key topics, from basic computer use to staying safer online, ensuring that learners receive targeted information without feeling overwhelmed.

This approach empowers fostering independence and confidence in using technology to stay connected, and enables more people to learn how to manage health information, and access essential services.

If you work in an organisation with clients who could benefit from learning about the digital world, please share the videos with them.
AbilityNet in partnership with BT Group logoAbilityNet's Digital Skills project with BT Group is supporting people 65+ with getting online and using technology, such as:

- learning how to use email
- make video calls
- use online banking and book medical appointments

Sign up for Free BT Digital Skills sessions for people over 65 in your area.
(Available to people in and around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff.)

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