Airline apps put under the spotlight by Which? magazine

Four out of five airline apps failed when consumer rights magazine Which? tested them for accessibility.

Adi Latif, Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNet is blind and was approached by Which? to book a flight to Alicante on five popular airline apps. The results were powerful. Adi explains how he felt using the four apps that failed: The experience I had with the other apps, I just felt my blindness.

This video from Which? shows the results of the tests.

In this investigation, easyJet app was easy to navigate when using a screenreader making them the only accessibility winner. 

TUI has now approached AbilityNet to help it create an app that is suitable for blind people and screen readers. British Airways, Jet2 and Ryanair all commented that they are committed to improving their accessibility. 

Adi explains: "It was a great opportunity to carry out this review of the five airline apps. It clearly highlights the problem faced by blind and disabled people on a daily basis having to battle against apps which are not accessible. 

"It also shows that it doesn’t have to be this way, and easyJet provides a great example for others to follow. I just hope that other airlines can up their game and make the experience for blind and disabled people better when it comes to their apps and websites."

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