Accessible written content webinar

Webinar took place: 4th April 2019

Despite the boom in video and social media images we all rely on written content to share information. But do you know how to make sure what you write is accessible to as many people as possible?

Perfect for: content authors, website managers, communications managers, UX and accessibility specialists. This non-technical webinar is for anyone involved in writing content, publishing websites, articles or reports, such as: 

  • authors, writers, bloggers and anyone else producing written content on the web 
  • website managers working with a mixed team of contributors
  • communications or marketing managers producing promotional content on the page and via download
  • accessibility specialists helping non-techie people produce content
  • UX or design specialists who needs to understand how to reach as many people as possible

Abi James from AbilityNet will share tips about colours, layout and why the heirarchy of your headings is so important. Jack Garfinkel from Scope will share his experience of working in content teams, as well as offering top tips for tools and advice about continuous testing. 

Here is a video of the webinar with captions:

Also available to download is a transcript of the webinar.

Here is the slide deck used in the webinar:

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