Accessibility is not just about websites - meet Microsoft Accessibility Checker #GAAD 2019

GAAD logoOur team spends a lot of time working with our customers to make websites, apps and other digital services accessible to disabled people. There's always something new to learn about web accessibility and as Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) rolls around again there are hundreds of events around the world where you can learn more about website and app accessibility.

This year we've decided to highlight an easy way to improve the accessibility of the documents we produce every day.

So many of us churn our Word documents, PowerPoint slides and Outlook emails... but how many of us are making sure they are accessible? Are you using the Accessibility Checker built into Office365?

Did you know there's an accessibility checker built into Word?

The Accessibility Checker is a powerful tool that Microsoft has embedded in Office365. It means that everyone can learn how to make simple changes that vastly improve accessibility on a day to day basis.

Just click on the checker before you send the document and it will list any problem it can find - such as missing alt text or headings not used properly.

Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and other Office365 tools now include an Accessibility Checker on the ribbon

The good news is that you don't need to know why you're making accessible before you use it - it includes loads of tips and information about why these changes are useful.

It's also a totally mainstream way of bringing accessibility into everyday conversations. It offers a great starting point for anyone who hasn't thought about disability before and may lead to further understanding of the needs of disabled people.

Try it now

  • Open your last Word Document, Powerpoint presentation - or even your latest email in Outlook.
  • Find the Accessibility Checker in the ribbon or drop down menu
  • Click on the Checker and follow the instructions...

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