Accessibility Insights monthly webinars with key accessibility figures

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Image of Robin Christopherson and Jenny Lay-Flurrie

Earlier this year we began the Accessibility Insights series of monthly webinars as part of our ongoing AbilityNet Live free webinar programme

In the Accessibility Insights series, Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet hosts a monthly online chat with individuals who are each working to improve digital accessibility and digital inclusion. We've had an impressive range of guests so far and are looking forward to introducing our next interviewees in the coming months.

Our first guest in July 2020 was Microsoft's Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie (pictured above, with Robin), followed by Neil Milliken of ATOS, Paul Smyth of Barclays, and most recently, Bryn Anderson of Sainsbury's (pictured below right, alongside Robin).

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Watch or listen to the webinar playbacks and podcast recordings all linked below. Transcripts provided.

Screenshot of Robin Christopherson speaking with Bryn Anderson of Sainsbury's on a webinar, with the AbilityNet and Sainsbury's logos in the background

Accessibility Insights sessions coming up soon:

  • Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion, Google: 10 November, 1pm - REGISTER NOW >>
  • Malin Rygg, Head Of Department at the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency: 8 December, 1pm
  • Alejandro Moledo, Policy Coordinator, European Disability Forum: 19 January 2021 ,1pm


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