Accessibility Careers and Communities with Intuit

Accessibility careers are on the rise, as more and more companies recognize the value of making their products and services accessible to people with disabilities. Still, there are a number of hurdles that people in these careers have to overcome in order to work in this field.

Ramit Garg, Lead Software Engineer at Intuit India, shares his accessibility career journey, and the accessibility initiatives he has implemented at his organisation and in the community, to provide insight for anyone wanting to carve out a similar career path or work in the accessibility field.

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"I found out that our website was only 20% accessible in 2017, so I started learning activity on the website across one or two months to then make the wesbite more accessible, so it's now 95% fully accessible." Ramit commented and then delved further into his role at Intuit, "then i started leading the Indian Network Community on accessibility and I became and advocate for accessibility on the website, as well as teaching accessibility and seeing how we can make our product fully accessible."

Learn from Ramit about his accessibility journey:

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