AbilityNet partners with Be My Eyes to support blind and visually impaired clients

Picture of Be My Eyes logo. resembles an iris (white on blue)AbilityNet is proud to announce our partnership with Be My Eyes, an innovative app that provides real-time video assistance for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. 

From June 28, AbilityNet support staff will be able to field calls from the specialised help section of the App. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Be My Eyes to enable us to support more disabled and older users with their digital tech with one easy click,” said Sarah Brain, Free Services Team Manager for AbilityNet.

What is Be My Eyes

Now with more than 5 million users and a growing family of company partners, Be My Eyes is one of the largest “micro-volunteering” platforms in the world. The innovative app is a former AbilityNet Tech4Good winner.

It has more than 4.5 million volunteers on call at all times to assist those who need an extra pair of eyes at short notice. Volunteers can, for example, tell someone the number of a house they’re standing outside or let them know what’s on their computer screen.

How AbilityNet will support people using Be My Eyes

At a time when technology is making it possible for anyone in the world to connect, we’ll be able to provide remote guidance and consultation about accessing the digital world and support people who need visual assistance. 

Image shows someone holding their phone to their computer. The computer is visible on screen via the camera so that someone from Be My Eyes can assistOur 300+ volunteers span the UK offering support to disabled and older people by helping them to adapt their technology. 

Our volunteers offer free computer and technology support to older people and people with disabilities of any age. You may have a problem with a computer virus, need some help installing broadband or be confused about updates or error messages. They have been working hard to support people during Covid-19

Our friendly volunteers are disclosure checked and can assist you by phone or over the internet.

For support from an AbilityNet volunteer call 0800 048 7642

"AbilityNet provides an incredibly important service to people all over the UK,” says Alexander Hauerslev, Chief Commercial Officer at Be My Eyes. 

“We are thrilled to have them in the Be My Eyes family."

We’re proud to join companies such as Google, Microsoft and P&G as organisational supporters of the blindness community and to lead the way for charities leveraging technology to connect with their users and deliver services in a whole new way. 

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