• Sophie Stevens | 30 Mar 2024
    Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Director of Centre for Accessibility in Built Environment Foundation (CABE Foundation) shares why the IAAP CPABE (Certified Professional in Accessible Built Environments) is critical to implementing accessibility.
  • Sophie Stevens | 03 Dec 2023
    In November's IAAP Network and Learn session, we were joined by Raghavendra Peri who is the founder behind the influential Accessibility Blog DigitalA11Y.com and non-profit accessibility organisation HelloA11y.
  • Sophie Stevens | 22 Oct 2023
    September 2023's Network and Learn took place with Helen Wilson who discussed "Learn to Enable" which aims to explore sowing the seeds of digital accessibility awareness into the mindset of young people as part of their school education
  • Sophie Stevens | 15 Aug 2023
    July 2023's Network and Learn took place with Procter & Gamble (P&G) who discussed how to make digital accessibility a transformation vs a one time intervention.
  • Sophie Stevens | 12 Jun 2023
    May 2023's Network and Learn took place with Studio 24 who discussed the recently updated website for its client W3C.
  • Sophie Stevens | 11 Apr 2023
    March 2023's IAAP Network and Learn took place with Shilpi Kapoor, from BarrierBreak, who shared insights about the Assistive Technology Conference at California State University, Northridge (CSUN ATC)
  • Sophie Stevens | 03 Mar 2023
    January 2023's Network and Learn event took place with Ramit Garg, Lead Software Engineer at Intuit. Ramit discussed how he has been leading the Accessibility Network community at Intuit India, and what accessibility initiatives he has been implementing both in the organisation and community.
  • Sophie Stevens | 24 Oct 2022
    October's Network and Learn event took place with Heather Hepburn, Accessibility Lead at Skyscanner, discussing the evolution of her accessibility team and much more.
  • Sophie Stevens | 12 Sep 2022
    Mark Wilcock from Atos shared how to implement a Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship scheme within your organisation at our latest IAAP Network and Learn event
  • Sophie Stevens | 25 Nov 2021
    We spoke with industry leaders in the accessible packaging space who shared insights into the technology that's breaking barriers, and the brands that are taking the lead in incorporating this technology into its packaging.