5 Inspiring Tweets from TechShare Pro 2019

A gold iPhone with a Twitter logo onscreenTechShare Pro 2019 brought together some of the most inspiring leaders in the accessibility field. Networking was a key element of the event. Here are some Tweets from the conference floor.

Community is a key element of TechShare Pro. The event brings together key leaders in the field of accessibility.

This year's event held at Google's St Pancras offices convened speakers from tech giants Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft and of course hosts Google; charities including RNIB and Scope, and media giant Verizon Media as well as Barclays, and many more.

Twitter was ablaze with people talking about TechShare Pro 2019, and we're delighted so many joined our conversation.

In total there were 892 Tweets across the conference, which included 634 retweets, from 285 contributors. That means we've reached 1,713,394 people we can infuence to create a digital world that's accesible to all, which is AbilityNet's vision.

The 285 contributors included Lenovo (@Lenovo), Scope (@Scope) and accessibility strategist Eduardo Meza-Etienne (@edaccessible).

Check out more accessibility leaders to follow and continue the conversation beyond TechShare Pro.

Top Tweets from TechShare Pro

1. Groovy tech: praise for Digit Music

Digit Music performed at TechShare Pro's first Gala dinner. Digit Music works with young disabled people to enable them to compose and perform music using the innovative interface Control One. Digit Music was winner of this year's Tech4Good Awards. 

“Really groovy tech to help disabled people become popstars” - AbilityNet’s Robin Christopherson @USA2DAY describes @MusicDigit’s adaptive controller for composing music, performed this eve for the lucky #TechSharePro2019 audience. Isn't it brilliant? pic.twitter.com/3u6NYACTXz

2. Haben Girma: we are talented

A key trend of 2019's TechShare Pro was that of Inclusive Design. Speakers including Haben Girma, Lenovo's first Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor, spoke about the need for more companies to hire disabled people, and their talent for innovation. 

Norway's Malin Rygg captured a key theme of TechShare Pro 2019, namely that inclusive design is simply good design for everyone. 

Passion that lit up the room from Caroline Casey of the Valuable 500, talking about the power of tech to remove barriers. 

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About TechShare Pro
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Now in its third year, TechShare Pro 2019 is hosted by Google and supported by some of the biggest technology names on the planet. The conference offers two days to connect, learn and share with people from all over the world who are building a more accessible and inclusive digital world.

Panelists and workshop hosts include Apple, Google, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, Barclays, RNIB, Uber, Disability Rights Advocate (USA), Disability Rights UK, European Disability Forum, Aira, BBC, Sony, Scope, Fraunhofer, Verizon Media, Amazon, Netflix and Channel 4.