5 apps for summer time organisation

Laptop with notepad, camera and pen. Ready for summer planningSummer is fast approaching, and for many students this means coursework deadlines and final exams. It also means planning that all important ‘time out’ with your friends and family. If you’re looking to stay organised this summer or manage your social life a bit better - you’re looking in the right place. It’s not easy staying on top of a to-do list but there are a variety of apps that can help.

We’ve selected our favourite apps for personal organisation that will not only help you plan your summer but will also help prepare you for your next year at university and/or transitioning into the workplace. Availble on Android and iOS, you’ll wonder how you made it this far without them! 


1. Office Lens, a pocket sized scanner: This handy app turns your phone into a pocket-sized scanner allowing you to take pictures of anything from handwritten notes or receipts to whiteboards and it’ll enhance and flatten them so they appear as full screen pictures. How about a quick copy of your passport; just in case? You can save your ‘scans’ in your regular gallery, but you can also save them into OneNote (see below). 


2. OneNote, a notepad style app: Organise yourself with notebooks that can be divided into as many sections with as many pages as you need. Store pictures, webpages, handwritten notes, to-do lists and keep them synchronised between your computer, your phone and the web. 


3. Google Keep, handy post it note style app: If you organise yourself with post it notes, this is the app for you; it will do check lists, handwritten notes, pictures and voice memo’s and what’s more you can share them with other people. Throwing a BBQ? – keep a live shopping list for everyone to track. 


4. Swipes, a handy do do list: As its name suggests, this handy to-do list allows you to ‘swipe’ tasks to the right to complete them or to the left to remind you later. It’s a nice way of prioritising the things you can do right away and those things that you can put off – at least for now! Make your way through your daily tasks and get a nice reassuring fanfare. 


5. Trello, checklist style app: Based on the ‘Kanban’ philosophy of having cards for tasks that you move from column to column as they progress, this online version allows you to do so much more; create working ‘teams’, add notes, colour-coding, checklists and message each other updates.


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