• Jessica Doyle | 23 May 2019
    1 in 6 university students are hearing impaired. Spoken information is an integral part of learning, whether you’re being taught in a lecture, discussing in a seminar or collaborating in a group project, the barriers hearing impaired students face are clear to see.
  • Jessica Doyle | 15 May 2019
    According to a 2018 survey conducted by non-profit organization Jisc, one in five students use assistive or adaptive technologies, often by choice rather than necessity. What this tells us is that accessible technology is not exclusively a disability issue, but rather a requirement of a diverse...
  • Jessica Doyle | 14 May 2019
    Whether you’re working on a group report, planning your next holiday or creating a revision timetable, the ability to stay on top of our digital life is important for not only succeeding, but maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing. However, organisation, processing information, sensory overload and...
  • Jessica Doyle | 03 May 2019
    Here at AbilityNet our mission is to help to create a world in which digital services are equally accessible to all. An important part of achieving this mission is My Computer My Way, our online resource which provides easy to follow step by step instructions on how to turn on the inbuilt...
  • Jessica Doyle | 29 Apr 2019
    In the latest of our Hack in the Box series, Jessica Doyle looks at free, multiplatform and accessible word processors that have some great things to offer autistic students to overcome some of their information processing barriers and unlock their full potential. 
  • Jessica Doyle | 18 Apr 2019
    AbilityNet caught up with Iain Wilson, one of our volunteers in the midlands, to get a first-hand perspective on how his own hearing impairment informs his experience helping others as an AbilityNet ITCanHelp Volunteer. 
  • Jessica Doyle | 04 Apr 2019
    The number of UK university students with dyslexia has risen in recent years to around 5%, not accounting for the number of undiagnosed dyslexic students.
  • Jessica Doyle | 20 Mar 2019
    Continuing our Hack in the Box series, we highlight some of the ways that Google Keep can help students with memory problems.
  • Jessica Doyle | 04 Mar 2019
    In the second of our Hack in the Box series, we highlight some of the ways that Microsoft's OneNote can help improve students' mental health.
  • Jessica Doyle | 15 Feb 2019
    In the first of a new series of 'Hack in the box' blogs, we highlight some of the ways that Microsoft's OneNote can support dyslexic students.