• Mark Walker | 25 Jan 2013
    Whatever sector you're in digital accessibility can help you reach every customer on every platform. 
  • Mark Walker | 22 Nov 2012
    In our increasingly digital self-service economy technology now dominates shopping, entertainment, work and communication, as well as citizenship itself, but age and disability are barring people from full participation. Organisations like AbilityNet, Go ON UK and its disability focused partner, Go...
  • Mark Walker | 07 Nov 2012
    The Technology4Good Youth Awards reward young people who use technology to make the world a better place. Entries close on 30 November so there are just under 4 weeks left for young entrepreneurs to submit their ideas. Nine finalists will take part in a Dragon's Den-style event at Windsor castle,...
  • Mark Walker | 25 Oct 2012
    Many disabled people are unemployed and many more are not given an equal chance to shine when in work. However all the evidence shows that disabled people are a positive part of any workforce, being more productive and more loyal than the average employee. Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital...
  • Mark Walker | 24 Oct 2012
  • Mark Walker | 15 Oct 2012
    AbilityNet Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson spoke at Future of Web Apps in London on 16 October 2012 - here's a quick preview of one part of his talk. UPDATE: You can read Robin's speaker notes from FOWA London 2012 on this site
  • Mark Walker | 08 Oct 2012
    In an article that first appeared in his blog PublicTechnology.net AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson asks why disabled web users are being treated like spammers.
  • Mark Walker | 08 Oct 2012
    Make your pitch to a Dragon's Den at Windsor Castle and win £5,000...
  • Mark Walker | 24 Sep 2012
    Professor Stephen Hawking was the toast of this year’s Technology4Good Awards, winning the AbilityNet Special Award for Excellence in Accessibility.
  • Mark Walker | 13 Sep 2012
    The Olympics and Paralympics have given many of us renewed enthusiasm for sport, or at least a firmer resolve to get fit. Whilst fitness clubs are an extremely useful means of helping us to get in shape and stay that way, for people with a disability or impairment, they are often the only feasible...