• Mark Walker | 25 Jul 2022
    In response to the Coronavirus emergency AbilityNet began running a series of live online events to help share useful information for disabled people and their carers and employers. See below for details, as well as recordings of past and upcoming accessibility events.
  • Mark Walker | 08 Jun 2022
    New research conducted by accessibility agency BarrierBreak delves into in-house accessibility teams.
  • Mark Walker | 11 May 2022
    How did easyJet, TUI, British Airways, Jet2 and Ryanair apps fare with our blind screenreader user?
  • Mark Walker | 24 Mar 2022
    AbilityNet is proud to be a partner in the Digital Lifeline project that supported over 5,000 people with learning disabilities during the pandemic. An evaluation report has now been published by the Good Things Foundation and the government, showing the positive impact that technology can have on...
  • Mark Walker | 08 Mar 2022
    AbilityNet is proud to be listed on the inaugural Valuable Directory, a new resource launched by global disability inclusion campaign The Valuable 500. Having signed up 500 of the world's largest businesses this next step offers access to expertise in digital, physical and cognitive accessibility,...
  • Mark Walker | 03 Feb 2022
    This blog has been updated! Originally published 08/02/14. Amended 03/02/22Are you using alt text properly?Inconsistent use of alt text is one of the most common problems found in our web audits. These golden rules make your alt tags more useful to your site visitors and mean your site is more...
  • Mark Walker | 27 Jan 2022
    An update on AbilityNet's response to the pandemic, in terms of actions taken in relation to our home visit services.
  • Mark Walker | 30 Apr 2020
    AbilityNet is offering free tech support service to address loneliness and social isolation during lockdown
  • Mark Walker | 07 Apr 2020
    Free webinar1pm BST, Weds 8 April 2020Register for free nowPart of AbilityNet LiveWith a sudden rise in the use of online meetings such as Zoom and Teams there are lots of top tips about hosting such meetings, from dealing with small children creeping about in the background to making sure you turn...
  • Mark Walker | 24 Mar 2020
    Helping disabled people who are working from homePlease note: the date for this webinar has now passed - you can access the recording and other details including the slide deck on our website.Anyone whose job allows it is now working from home, many of them for the first time. There is a lot of...