• Robin Christopherson | 21 Mar 2016
    Happy 10th birthday Twitter. Here's our top 10 run down on how happy (or unhappy) you've made people with disabilities in the past decade.
  • Robin Christopherson | 08 Mar 2016
    A raft of new internet accessibility work by Microsoft will make the web user-experience for people with disabilities far smoother and more sophisticated. AbilityNet has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, including user-testing its products for more than a decade. It's clear the company...
  • Robin Christopherson | 09 Feb 2016
    Discriminating against your employees with dyslexia has been against the law since the first disability discrimination legislation was introduced over 20 years ago. But it's in the news today as a result of Starbucks employee Meseret Kumulchew winning her disability discrimination case.
  • Robin Christopherson | 03 Feb 2016
    Around 90% of jobs nowadays have some sort of technology involved. Your job might involve using a desktop computer or laptop, a telephone, cash register or some kind of handheld device such as a credit card machine. The possibilities, like the array of devices and software, are endless. Technology...
  • Robin Christopherson | 22 Jan 2016
    We are spending more of our time in the workplace, at home and on the go using computers or mobile devices of some kind. For many of us, the daily routine starts with a compulsory check of our emails, the local weather report and a browse through our social media feeds on a smartphone or tablet,...
  • Robin Christopherson | 11 Jan 2016
    With computers and mobile devices the norm in today’s workplace, computer-related stress is a risk for employers keen to keep productivity levels up and sickness absence down. But technology can also provide an answer to some of these problems, explains Robin Christopherson.
  • Robin Christopherson | 23 Oct 2015
    AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson looks at how the technology available today reflects the futuristic options in the 1980s classic sci-fi adventure 'Back to the Future'. From flat screen TVs and talking household objects to the iconic flying cars and hover boards, a...
  • Robin Christopherson | 12 Mar 2015
    Google's new No CAPTCHA re CAPTCHA solutions brings the problem of website security and spam attacks down to one simple question and tickbox; “Are you a robot?” But has it solved the accessibility conundrum?
  • Robin Christopherson | 11 Feb 2015
    It can be hard keeping up with the constant stream of new gadgets and wearables that make life easier or more productive, such as Nike Fitbit Flex or Microsoft Band. And with the imminent release of the Apple Watch it's set to be the year of the wearables. AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion...
  • Robin Christopherson | 15 Nov 2013
    The three main areas where language and techno-linguists get excited are broadly; talking to your computer, your computer understanding what you said, and your computer speaking back to you in as human-sounding a way as possible. Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion reports...