• Robin.Christopherson | 05 Dec 2019
    Last week saw the enormously successful TechShare Pro 2019 conference and one of the most interesting and enlightening sessions was the expert panel concerning ‘The Carrots and the Sticks of Accessibility’; the carrots of course being the compelling ethical and business cases and the sticks being...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 26 Sep 2019
    The Amazon Echo has been a useful tool for millions of households, with blind users above all loving its ability to easily provide information. That utility now extends to helping identify everyday groceries using the Echo Show's built-in camera.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 09 Sep 2019
    There was a time when the only option was to let our fingers do the talking. However, advances in speech technology mean that for people with visual, mobility or cognitive impairments it’s just as easy and effective to access technology with your voice. 
  • Robin.Christopherson | 04 Sep 2019
    Have you heard of Remap? If the name sounds familiar, it might be that you noticed that one of our Digital Volunteer of the Year Award finalists at this year's Tech4Good Awards donates his professional skills at the charity. Read more about volunteer and Tech4Good finalist Robert Powell.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 02 Sep 2019
    During the recent Prime Day sales, I snagged me some Tiles. These handy little items help me find my keys, my phone or whatever else I don't want to lose - and they're nice and accessible too.Giving your things a Bluetooth boostTracking your things using Bluetooth tiles isn't a new thing - just new...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 26 Jul 2019
    A huge proportion of UK homes now have at least one Amazon Echo and for very good reason - they're super-useful. Many happy Echo owners, however, have never taken advantage of adding extra abilities to Alexa by enabling the many amazing skills she has available - 34,322 to be exact.
  • Robin.Christopherson | 23 Jul 2019
    That was supposed to be a twist on 'Fear and loathing in Las Vegas' - that famous novel from 1971. Let's swiftly accelerate away from that reference by jumping into a fully autonomous vehicle outside our hotel and heading for the strip. Oh, and don't forget to fold up your white cane (or, in my...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 18 Jul 2019
    Yesterday was World Emoji Day and I posted an article about a brilliant free utility for macOS called Rocket - the developer of which was very helpful in making it VoiceOver accessible so that now, at long last, blind users do finally get in on the emoji fun. Among yesterday's coverage of this...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 17 Jul 2019
    Just because you're blind doesn't mean that, on this World Emoji Day, those expressive and oh-so ubiqutous emojis aren't for you. The problem for visually impaired texters and tweeters, however, is easily finding the one you want before frustration sets in and you give up and fall back on the good...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 08 Jul 2019
    We all know that the Echo can wake us up in the morning and time the perfect egg, can keep us up-to-date with the news and weather, and play music and games and so, so much more – but it can also help keep us fit, healthy and safe. Here’s a few top Alexa tips on keeping well.