• Louise Aldridge | 02 Feb 2024
    Attend in-person information sessions and speak to advisors about your digital questions, from the comfort of BT Group's office in Glasgow.
  • Louise Aldridge | 23 Jan 2024
    Attend in-person information sessions and speak to advisors about your digital questions, from the comfort of EE's White City store in West London, or AbilityNet's Central London HQ.
  • Louise Aldridge | 29 Sep 2023
    Podcasts are a versatile medium that can cater to diverse audiences, including the disabled community. Follow these 5 simple tips to make your podcast more accessible
  • Louise Aldridge | 06 Sep 2023
    In late September and October, AbilityNet will be supporting BT Group's BT Tea Rooms, free sessions for older people to improve their digital skills over a cup of tea, in Birmingham, Glasgow, and Bournemouth.
  • Louise Aldridge | 10 Aug 2023
    Artificial Intelligent (AI) tools, such as Chat GPT and Bard, can think and act in ways that previously only humans could. In this blog article, we reflect on recent conversations from The AbilityNet Podcast on how AI could revolutionise the world of accessibility.
  • Louise Aldridge | 23 May 2023
    With The Big Help Out campaign continuing throughout the summer and Volunteers Week (1-7 June) fast approaching, now is the perfect time to think about volunteering. Discover the benefits of volunteering in our upcoming free webinar, 'How volunteering can benefit you or your organisation'.
  • Louise Aldridge | 21 Mar 2023
    Inclusion is the process of creating an environment in which individuals feel welcomed, heard, respected, supported, valued, and able to reach their full potential. We have compiled some helpful resources that will help you create an inclusive workplace.
  • Louise Aldridge | 30 Jan 2023
    Join our free webinar on 7 Febraury at 1pm, where we will discuss The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Requirements (2018), GOV.UK audits, and results from our ‘Attitudes to Digital Accessibility’ survey.
  • Louise Aldridge | 06 Jan 2023
    365 new days, means 365 new chances to focus on your accessibility and disability inclusion goals for this new year. To keep your business prospering in the first quarter and beyond, explore AbilityNet's selection of affordable and high-quality online training courses.
  • Louise Aldridge | 03 Nov 2022
    Discover 4 unmissable events for HE and FE professionals that are taking place at TechShare Pro on 15, 16 and 17 November 2022.