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Want to use your IT skills to help others?

Many disabled people and older people find it difficult to get the most from technology and want a trustworthy person to offer independent advice and practical help.

AbilityNet's ITCanHelp volunteers provide one-to-one support to disabled people and older people, through home visits and remote support. Their needs may relate to general PC usage or they could need help with special hardware or software adaptations that their disability demands.

As a volunteer you can benefit from regular training and technology updates, networking with other IT volunteers, and the flexibility to plan your volunteering time around your home life and other commitments.

Some volunteers have even gone on to work at AbilityNet

What skills do I need?

You don't need to be a computer guru to help out, good home and/or office skills are enough to support the majority of our clients.  Most of all you need a passion to help others and empathy with those you are supporting.

As a volunteer you will help people with so much more than just technology.

Computers can help people to gain or regain their independence by shopping or banking online, it can prevent isolation as the internet can connect them via email and Skype to family and friends. It can be something relaxing and fun to do, with games to play or radio and tv programmes online.

But when something goes wrong with their technology suddenly all this is taken away. It may be a very simple problem but everyone knows the frustration when the computer says no.

As you will be working one-to-one with clients in their homes, we will conduct a Basic Disclosure check and conduct an interview with the volunteer coordinator in your region.

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To work with disabled people and older people apply now to be an AbilityNet ITCanHelp Volunteer.

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Please use the ITCanHelp Request Form on this website and we will get in touch with you.

More information

If you want to know more about what we offer please get in touch.

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