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Greg White standing smiling against a rock wall background"Volunteering at AbilityNet gives me the opportunity to build upon my experience and skills, which in turn enables people to live a healthy and productive life - it’s a truly rewarding and inspiring environment.” - Greg White, AbilityNet Tech Volunteer, Manchester 


Are you passionate about the power of technology? Would you like to help us bridge the digital divide? Do you have a few hours available each month? Become a volunteer:

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A great way to support AbilityNet is to join our network of 450+ volunteers across the UK. Many older people and disabled people experience difficulties with their technology, and can’t find the support they need.  Our amazing volunteers provide one-to-one technology support remotely and through home visits. Get involved today - apply to become a volunteer. You can find out more in the video below.

Download the transcript of the video [Word doc].

Technology can help people to gain or regain their independence by allowing them to shop or bank online. It can battle isolation, as people can use the Internet and online services to connect to their family and friends. Technology can also provide something fun and relaxing to do though online games, TV, radio and other entertainment services.

If you are looking for information about how our network of volunteers could help you, a family member or a friend please visit our About Our Tech Volunteer Support page

How you can help

You don’t need to be a tech guru to help. Typical help requests for a volunteer include:

  • Helping someone set up an email account
  • Showing someone how to use online video calling via WhatsApp or Zoom
  • Setting up a new device and connecting it to the internet
  • Giving advice on anti-virus protection and internet safety
  • Changing basic device settings to make it easier to use
“I get lots of support from AbilityNet staff, and from the excellent website. I always feel valued when I'm working and never feel judged when I'm not.”
AbilityNet Tech Volunteer

A rewarding experience

Volunteering for AbilityNet is a positive, rewarding experience. Twice a year we survey our volunteers so that we can understand how they are feeling and where we can improve our volunteer scheme. The latest survey recorded an overall engagement score of 8.7 out of 10; comfortably above the benchmark. What’s more Volunteers scored us 9.0 for meaningful work and autonomy, and 8.7 for our strategy and mission.

As a volunteer with AbilityNet you’ll get:

  • The chance to change the lives of disabled and older people
  • Free training and support, live and online to self-study
  • A local Coordinator and/or central team to support you
  • The chance to network with other Tech Volunteers
  • Choice over the time you spend volunteering and when you volunteer. You can fit your volunteering around existing home and work commitments 
  • A reference for any paid work applications and a way to showcase your contribution on your CV
  • Some volunteers have even gone on to work at AbilityNet

Meet some of our volunteers 

Sophie Quinn, smiling"I really enjoy getting to know people in the community and hearing their stories. Teaching older people how to take advantage of technology in their own homes is great fun too. When you see them sending emails or on Zoom to family and friends, it's very satisfying." - Sophie Quinn, London (pictured, right)

Jo Garner, Smiling"I continue to enjoy being part of AbilityNet 10 years on and the sessions and support that the central team provide is outstanding. All of my clients are very complimentary of the work that we do. I have a full time job in Health Technology - I can fit volunteering comfortably around the day job, too." - Jo Garner, London (pictured, right)

Piotr, Smiling"Volunteer hours and days are very flexible. It is heart warming to experience the gratitude of the people I help when volunteering. Sometimes I might be the only IT help available for them. I feel that my service sometimes really makes a significant impact, even it is only a very basic IT support on my part. Today I work in IT professionally, but I continue my volunteer service as this is an amazing experience that enriches my life." - Piotr Wikarski, Devon (pictured, right).

Corporate volunteering

We work with organisations including CapGemini, BT Group and others whose staff provide their volunteer support to AbilityNet clients as part of an organisational corporate volunteering programme. If you'd like to support us as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) partner, please get in touch via the contact details below. We'd love to hear from you!

"Thanks to the volunteering program in BT Wholesale I had the pleasure of spending some time today with Lucy Walsh from AbilityNet. I witness first hand the amazing work they do in the community helping others access and navigate technology, irrespective of age or ability. Met some wonderful people including Edna who taught me a new keyboard shortcut in the process. Every day is a learning day. #volunteering" - Nick Hutton, Proposition Manager at BT

Become a Volunteer


Apply online

Every volunteer receives a free Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and has any travel expenses reimbursed.

As well as Tech Volunteers, we're also looking for people to fill Coordinator roles. The Coordinator role requires around half a day per week.  You would head up a local group of volunteers supporting the team, recruiting new volunteers and spreading the word about AbilityNet in the local community.

For more information on the Tech Volunteer and Coordinator roles, download the role descriptions below.

Any questions? Please get in touch.
Call us on 0300 180 0028
Volunteering not for you? Support AbilityNet by raising awareness of AbilityNet in your area. Could you put up a poster or distribute some leaflets? Order our promotional resources.


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