Do you have Parkinson's and need help to get online or with digital devices?

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AbilityNet logoParkinson’s UK and AbilityNet charities are working together to help people with Parkinson’s learn how to get online and use digital devices. 

We're also supporting those already online to boost their confidence performing digital tasks. This helps to provide better support, every day, to people affected by Parkinson's. 

How to get support via the partnership 

As part of the partnership, all Parkinson’s UK local groups, people receiving Parkinson's UK's information and support services, and anyone else affected by Parkinson’s can access free support from AbilityNet to help use technology. 

There are a few ways you can request support:

If you'd like to chat through the support options with Parkinson's UK, please email and you can read the FAQs about the partnership.

You can also contact AbilityNet directly to request free, individual one-to-one tech support from an AbilityNet volunteer:

Ask AbilityNet for tech support 

You may also wish to request an AbilityNet representative attend your Parkinson's group session to give a demonstration about tech you may find helpful. 

How this benefits people with Parkinson's 

Around 145,000 people have Parkinson's in the UK. This partnership offers valuable support to help people manage the effects of the disease: 

  • Get online to access to peer support in Parkinson’s forums 
  • Learn about assistive technology to help make using tech easier if you have Parkinson's 
  • Access online services and resources to help manage Parkinson’s 
How the partnership is helping 
“One of your AbilityNet volunteers, Trevor, has been helping me with some very basic computer skills on a tablet that I have hardly touched since it was bought for me as a present from my wife. I suffer from Parkinson’s and it is very difficult for me to concentrate. Trevor has been extremely kind and patient and has opened up a world I hardly knew existed,” - AbilityNet client, West London

Can you help reach people with Parkinson's?

Help us raise awareness of this partnership to everyone affected by Parkinson's in the UK.

Download our flyer to print out and share with local community groups, doctors' surgeries, libraries and on community noticeboards, to help let everyone know about the tech help available for people with Parkinson's.

Download flyer (English)

Download flyer (Welsh)

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